The Gryphon Groupe


Making Sense

We take an iterative approach to transformation, enabling companies to test and evolve new ideas without fear of failure.

Step 1: Solve

Ideas are greater than theories

There is no linear path to innovation. Rather than perfecting the plan, we focus on perfecting the product by vetting many potential solutions.

Step 2: Test

Proof is better than prediction

We believe in the rapid collection and testing of multiple ideas. This gives us an early understanding of what will work in production, as opposed to a complex strategic assessment of what might work in theory.

We demonstrate improvement

Step 3: Improve

Getting it right is better than being right

We don’t believe in silver bullets. Great ideas evolve and improve over time. By working and scaling in an iterative manner, we accelerate the return on your investment

Our Expertise

  • Retail & Middle Market Banking
  • Banking Startups (De Novo)
  • Wealth Management
  • Digital & Emerging Platforms
  • Contact Center
  • Growth Initiatives
  • Efficiency Initiatives

Our Focus

  • Business Consulting
  • Consumer & Market Insights
  • Process Analysis & Discovery
  • Rapid Pilots & Hypothesis Testing
  • Project Execution
  • Iterative Delivery Methods
  • Technology Services

We Go Where Our Clients Are